Bobby Powell – I’m Gonna Love You – Whit


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Bobby Powell was born in 1941 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and although blind became an accomplished secular pianist and singer in the 1960’s after being a gospel singer in the 1950’saBlind pianist/singer Bobby Powell, hails from Lousiana. He signed to Whit Records, releasing ‘What Are You Trying to Do to Me’ b/w ‘Red Sails in the Sunset’. The song brought him to the attention of Jewel Records, who nationally distributed the release. Bobby’s follow up was a version of ‘C.C. Rider’ b/w ‘That Little Girl of Mine’ in 1965, which topped the R&B charts. Bobby released a further single ‘Do Something for Yourself’ b/w ‘It’s Getting Late in the Evening’, followed by ‘I’m Gonna Leave You’ in 1967. He continued to release sides into the Seventies, charting with ‘The Bells’ in 1974. this 1966 disc is in EXCELLENT condition.