Buena Vistas – Hot Shot – Swan


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“Swan” records was a Philadelphia based label, founded in 1957 by Bernard Binnick and Tony Mamarella and was active for about ten years, getting recognition in 1964 when it delivered The Beatles’ second american number one hit, ‘She Loves You’. In the 1950s, America’s longest serving DJ and TV host, Dick Clark was an investor in Swan, but after a congressional investigation following up allegations of payola involving record companies and radio stations he gave up his label interests. Kathleen Keppen AKA Cathy Lynn was a singer, songwriter and producer, married to singer, songwriter and producer Nickolas Ameno and between them were involved in a variety of labels and records. This disc from 1966 has superficial wear to the vinyl, whilst retaining some gloss, conservatively graded in VG+ condition, worth checking the flip


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