Cha Cha Hogan – Grit Gritter – Soulville


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Bobby Fulton founded “Soulville” Records  in September 1967 with Toby Young, Jimmy Walker and Hulie Diggs and was conceived to fill the void for a gospel/soul record label in the Harrisburg and central Pennsylvania area. Jay-Walking was started as another attempt to get more radio airplay. Like many labels, Soulville found that DJs wouldn’t play every release by a specific label. It was named to honor Jimmy Walker who ironically would dissolve his partnership soon after the label was founded.  Cha Cha Hogan started his career singing in lounges in Montreal, Toronto and Detroit, opening for  groups like the Four Tops, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, recording a few records along the way.  He moved to Las Vegas in 1974, and in the 1980’s, sang with The Ink Spots, travelling to Singapore, and Hawaii. Cha Cha Hogan sadly died when he was 65 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This disc has slight staining to the label, otherwise is in EXCELLENT condition, worth checking the flip too