Compulsions – I Can’t Find Love – Omen


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In 1964 Chester Pipkin and Brice Coefield came to A&M via Lou Adler, having worked together in the past, And “Omen” records was formed. From 1964 until 1966, the label produced 18 singles in the  rhythm and blues, soul and doo-wop genres. It appeared that A&M had hopes for the label’s success as its number of releases doubled each year. Chester Pipkin was the primary producer for the label. He also wrote and arranged or co-arranged some of the songs. Four of the label’s 13 artists created two singles and the remainder had one record deals. Very little is known about The compulsions apart from this seemingly solitary release for “Omen” records in 1964. This disc has a little red marker on the label otherwise is in EXCELLENT condition, worth checking the flip too

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