Delcords – I’m So Sorry – Treasure


Interracial group/band from York, Pennsylvania that consisted of the singing group The Del-Cords and the instrumental band The Dogs their lineup included multi members as Dave Bupp, Bill “Cheeks” Schlosser, Jeff Hildebrand, Jere Hetrick, Edward “Buck” Generette, Otto “Spike” Sexton, Edward “Ike” Bowers, Allen “Jap” Shue, Don Sponsler, Dale Saxon, Ernie Banks, Ron Searle,Larry Smith, Eddie Woltman or Adrian “Buddy” King. This Pre MAGNIFICENT MEN group perform the vocal version of the DOGS soul instrumental “Soul Step”. Both songs produced by soul genius John Bowie , lead singer of The Philadelphians.
Comes with picture sleeve of only known photo of The Del-chords!!!


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