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Emma Noble’s sound is rooted in and influenced by her deep love for rare soul, funk and disco. Her passion and knowledge for music has only grown since moving to London 10 years ago and delving herself deep into the city’s underground soul scene where she began meeting like minded people who wanted to collaborate both creatively and musically. Emma Noble went on to spend a couple of years as a backing vocalist for ‘New Street Adventure’ and then went on to write with “Lack of Afro”, to release songs including ‘Fires Glow’ for ‘Hello Baby’ which was nominated as one of ‘BBC 6’s Albums of the year’ 2017. ‘Noble & Heath’ was then organically formed – the double decking, dynamic, female DJ duo, spinning the very best of all that the girls love musically, all off vinyl. N&H have spent the last few years DJing all over the UK & Europe, and have already graced the decks at places such as The Royal Albert Hall, The Jazz Cafe as well as many festivals. They also host their own radio show on Acid Jazz/Fred Perry’s radio station ‘Totally Wired Radio’. Emma Noble debuted in the lockdown Summer of 2020 with her first single “No Turning Back”. For her second single, Noble made a bold move, taking on a rare Marvin Gaye track “Woman of The World” because of its relevant and important lyrical theme about female empowerment.  “Table Dancers’ is the beat driven, fast paced track, written solely to make you dance and let loose… (preferably on tables), Emma says, it’s all about encouraging people to embrace their inner rascal”. TWO FANTASTIC 45’s INCLUDED IN ONE PACK!!!!!!
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