Gifts – You Can’t Keep Love In A Broken Heart – Ballad


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Oscar Douglas Washington was a songwriter, poet, teacher, guitarist, columnist, and music entrepreneur born on February 18th, 1912 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.He wrote 70 songs, but is mostly known for co-writing “Night Train”. As a guitarist, he recorded under the pseudonym Faith Douglas. In his day job, he was a high school chemistry teacher. Douglas also ran the publishing company Soli Music Publishing and founded two labels, “Ballad” Records and “Saintmo”. He died around 2004 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Originally recording as “Little Natalie & Henry With The Gifts” then “Young Henry Ford & The Gifts” for “Roulette” records, before recording  a half dozen records for “Ballad” records in the mid to late 1960’s. This disc is in EXCELLENT condition, same tune on the flip


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