I Searched For Soul And Found The Stars – Richard Gilbert (No CD Included)


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The long awaited and absolutely fantastic book from Richard “Gilly” Gilbert is now with us, in Gilly’s own words:-

“It tells of the 5 trips I made to the States (85-94) and along with others, what we got up to, record finds, and more importantly who we met and the quality time with those people ‘The Stars’ that we met along the way. In most cases a first for anyone outside the USA.
From day one it has always been my intention to put into words these talented peoples legacy, and for their families going forward to know just what an impact they had on peoples lives here in the UK. Their musical creations, from singer, backing bands, label owners, and studio engineers, not only formed our lives but some could claim, gave us our lives. This music that was sadly ignored on the day of it’s creation in the States has stood the test of time, interest has grown world wide, and in part has found it’s way back to the States.”

Unfortunately no C.D. included, as that was a promotional addition for the first batches – These books are selling fast, don’t miss out!!