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Richard and Robert Poindexter often during the 1960’s frequented the CBS Building at 1697 Broadway and 53rdSt (formerly known as the Ed Sullivan Building) in New York, USA. They noticed a young man by the name of James “B.J.” Barnes, using one of the building’s many rehearsal rooms. Eventually the Poindexter’s invited B.J’ to partake in one of their open rehearsals. Asked to give their honest opinion regarding his voice, although they both liked him the brothers felt he didn’t have a strong enough voice to be a solo performer and recommended that he join or became a group. The very next day B.J returned with two other singers by the names of Randy and Tony, again the Poindexter’s liked what they heard but felt potentially this new ensemble still needed a fourth member, this situation was rectified with the addition of Douglas “Smokey” Scott the groups eventually lead singer.
The Internationals later broke up with Randy and Tony leaving the group, leaving “B.J.” and “Smokey”, who with the addition of Charles Stodghill and with Richard Poindexter briefly filling in as a vocalist, became the hit group The Persuaders. This disc has some “star” stamps on the label, with superficial wear to the label and vinyl whilst still retaining some gloss, conservatively graded in VG+ condition, worth checking the flip too

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