Kell Osborne – You Can’t Outsmart A Woman – Loma


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Kell Osborne was born in Birmingham, Alabama on March 12, 1939. In 1955 he and his friends Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, and Willy Waller started a singing group known as The Cavaliers, and they began performing in Birmingham. In 1957 Waller left the group, and they were reduced to a trio. In 1958 they left Birmingham for Cleveland, later moving to Detroit, where Jenkins changed the group’s name to The Primes, and they got a spin-off group known as The Primettes, members of that group included Diana Ross, Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, and Betty McGlown. In 1960 Kell left the group and moved to Los Angeles, California to start a solo career, and as a result the group disbanded, Kendricks, and Williams would go on to become members of The Temptations. This disc from 1965 has wear to the label and vinyl, whilst still retaining some gloss, conservatively graded in VG condition – Worth checking out the flip too!!



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