Laura Rain and the Caesars – LRK 008


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LRK proudly presents Closer to the win and If I Can’t Have You on a double A sided 45 by Laura Rain & The Caesars

Set to a lush background of legato strings, vibes, Hammond organ, and
funky guitar trills and stabs, “Closer to the Win” reaches into the early 1960’s pop-soul bag with a fabric of rich vintage tones. A touching homage to the beauty of AM radio and 45 rpm records. Laura Rain’s passionate soul-drenched delivery tells a story of her quest for personal achievement, and inner happiness. A message of renewal, and striving for success.


A tough, hard-working American city is reinventing itself as a vibrant incubator of ideas and creation. Back from decades of neglect, Detroit has returned to the forefront on the world stage. Adventurers, investors, artists, and young entrepreneurs are flocking to the Motor City, bringing with them energy, creativity and innovation. The city and its people are inspired again.

Laura Rain is a product of that environment.