MD102 – Fun and Funk Family


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No one has been able to throw up any information on just who this Philly ensemble were. What do we know, well they laid down six tracks to master-tape; Good Man Gone BadMovin’ Up Higher, Getting’ It Together (parts 1 and 2), Shouldn’t Have Said Goodbye and Every Man Needs Lovin’. The last two tracks are the ones that are driving interest from the soulful masses across the world and our chosen release this month. Shouldn’t Have Said goodbye is an upbeat, feel-good slice of Philly soulful funk. The family really live up to the name, you can hear the raw harmonies rising and falling against the ever-present baseline driving the track along. The flip is a down home mid-tempo funk monster.

So where did the tracks come from? The Fun & Funk Family recorded these at Virtue circa 1971-1972, around the same time as the fabulous Ronnie Walker, recently departed King of the Philly soprano soul sound. When Des and Mark spoke to Ronnie last year about this, unfortunately he couldn’t remember the band. Despite this, thanks to Rotiga and Moulty publishers, the tapes survived and were able to be brought to vinyl for the first time.

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