MD103 – Dynamic Siblings/Karla Denning


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We have great pleasure in unveiling the release which sees us collaborating with Joe Stevenson, the well known and loved music writer, producer and label owner from Philly. Joe was a teacher who built and ran a recording studio for the local kids. He worked tirelessly in promoting music, which led to him working on some fabulous tracks, including the great Vince Apollo ” I bear witness” on Pentagon records. This track has been a mainstay in “Northern” rooms all over the world, let alone the country.

Well, buckle up because our collaboration with Joe, has allowed us to bring out of the vaults these 2 previously unreleased on vinyl sides, the Fabulous and funky Karla Denning’s version of ” I bear witness” backed with the magical and sublime Dynamic Siblings version of the same monster track. Two fantastic versions, with the Siblings bringing in a RnB, soulful sound that just oozes cool and reminds me of great RnB duets like Jimmy Ricks and Lavern Baker, with the vocals bouncing off each other. Turn it over and Karla Denning brings the track alive with a whole load of femme funk attitude, that just screams along with that massive fat Philly funk bassline!

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