MD119 – Tomangoes – Loves got a hold on me


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So, the story of the Tomangoes keeps growing and unfolding. For years it has been rumoured that the band may have been a studio band with Dusty Williams heading up on the vocals. MDs wor with Pioneer Studios has evidenced that there were in fact three members of the band; Claude ‘Dusty ‘Williams and two guys where we only currently have the names James and Lamar.  We are continuing our search for more information on this and will bring you the story in full as soon as we can. You can always keep up to date on the story as we publish in the Soul up North fanzine by Howard Earnshaw.

Listening to “Loves got a hold on me” and “Since you’ve been gone” it is clear they are great fully formed tracks, the Tomangoes and Gambrells really nailing the tracks down, – but as ever we ask you to make your own mind up.

This then leads to another question, just how would “Loves got a hold on me” be viewed today if it was released alongside “I really love you” and would it be considered a seminal piece of Northern History, would it have been as Iconic a track, sought by many and owned by a lucky few with deep pockets?  Answers on a postcard!

Here at MD we think it would be right up there for sure, it would be an oldie that was still gracing the decks at the key all-nighters across the scene, but you can decide for yourself. Whatever you think, this is definitely a 45 that has earnt its place in the history books, telling the forgotten story of Detroit, its music scene and, adding to the known history along the way.