Otis Brown – I’m Ready For Love – Lujuna


Otis Brown Jr. was born on March 14th, 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee, before moving to Marianna, Arkansas, then to Chicago, Illinois. He joined forces with his mother’s boyfriend, Browly Guy, and his uncle King Bevil to form “Ole” records. The first release was Brown’s “Southside Chicago”, recorded at the top studio in town, Universal. The label issued another single on Brown and one other single on The Paramonts. Brown would then create “Lujuna” records, named for his daughter, “Gossip Tree” records, and “ExSpectMore” records, continuing to release records on himself, his son, and groups that he managed for several more years before leaving the music business. This great slab of Northern shares the same backing as “Lee Sain – I Can’t Fight It” on “Broach” records – The flip “Will You Wait” is equally as good!!


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