Players – Why Did I Lie – Minit


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This group was formed in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois when John Thomas and Collis Gordon recruited Herbert Butler to sing lead for them on a song they had written, ‘He’ll Be Back’. The trio was recorded by Calvin Carter, and signed with “Minit” records, a subsidiary of “Imperial” records. In the middle of the session Carter replaced Gordon and Thomas in the background with the veteran Dells. ‘He’ll Be Back’ became a national hit, deservedly so, but the follow-up, ‘I’m Glad I Waited’, lacking the back-up talent of the Dells and the songwriting talents of Gordon and Thomas, wasn’t as successful. The Players made an album and toured with a new line up of Butler, Joe Brackenridge, Otha Lee Givens and Tommie Johnson, but with no more forthcoming hits, they eventually faded. This disc from 1966 is in EXCELLENT condition, worth checking the flip too