Popcorn And The Mohawks – Shimmy Gully – Motown


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Richard “Popcorn” was a strong pianist, playing with The Funk Brothers on several early Motown hits before leaving in 1962 to further his own recording and songwriting career with various labels. He returned to Motown as an artist in 1971. He was also responsible for bringing his schoolmates James Jamerson and Norman Whitfield and jobbing session guitarist Eddie Willis to Hitsville as part of his band, the Mohawks; Jamerson and Willis were among the earliest Funk Brothers and would play on literally thousands of Motown recordings, while Whitfield became one of the company’s greatest producers and songwriters. Before any of that, there was this novelty comedy record, an unabashed attempt to cash in on the success of Larry Verne’s “Mr Custer” which had been a recent number one hit. This disc has some “Bubbling” on the vinyl which does not affect play and writing on the label, as would be expected on a period test pressing, otherwise this disc is in EXCELLENT condition, worth checking the flip too