Sandpipers – All Over But The Crying – Tru Glo Town


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Charlyne Kilpatrick, Debbie Kilpatrick and Sally Hurst formed the Sandpipers in Pensacola, Florida in 1965, and signed to “Tru Glo Town” records – ‘Tru’ for Trude Heller, ‘Glo’ for Gloria Toote and ‘Town’ for Ed Townsend, who had their studios in Englewood, New Jersey.  Ed Townsend wrote two songs for the trio. The girls returned to Pensacola, where their record received a lot of airplay. Unfortunately, Tru-Glo-Town didn’t have the resources to break the record nationally.  Sally Hurst left the group and was replaced by Shirley Paris. Paris would also have a side-project with Charlyne Kilpatrick that would take them to Muscle Shoals, where they recorded two sides as the “Double Image” Shirley Paris left the Sandpipers and was replaced by Kay Kilpatrick and couldn’t keep the Sandpipers name because of the ‘Guantanamera’ group, so they became the Daisies (Not to be confused with e “Capitol” records group of the same name), but soon went off to pursue separate musical paths. This disc visually has some tape residue and a red cross on the flip. The vinyl is in EXCELLENT condition. Worth checking out the flip “Ballad To A Missing Lover”