Summits – Let Me Love You Again – D.C. International


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Andre Sanders and Juan Hawkins founded The Summits at High School in Washington D.C. suported by Willie “Sherman” Flannagan and Alvin “Lumberjack” Middleton, with Sidney Smith replacing Andre Sanders in 1971. The group soon fell under Joe Tate, who maintained a stable of musicians, including The Fuzz, The Choice Four and The Blendells. The Summits released one disc on “Dontee” records in 1970, but didn’t get a second recording until Tate’s other recordings and business deals were completed, and it wasn’t until Tate paired the Summits with staff songwriter Joe Phillips that things began to take shape.
Phillips would write half a dozen songs for the Summits, four of which were released as singles on Stan Bethel’s “D.C. International” records. This disc from 1973 has some superficial wear to the label and vinyl, whilst retaining some gloss, conservatively graded between VG+ and VG++ condition