Volumes – Gotta Give Her Love – American Arts


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The Volumes were formed in Detroit in 1960 and comprised Eddie Union, Elijah Davis, Larry Wright, Joe Truvillion and Ernest Newsome. Willie Ewing became their manager in 1961 and he set up “Chex” records. The group had success with their first 45 release, “I Love You”. They had a second release on the label, but this failed to repeat the success of their first outing. “Chex” handed over the group to” Jubilee” records for the next two releases in 1963, teaming up with Harry Balk and Duke Browner. The group’s next release was on New York’s “Old Town” records in 1964), with a second 45 that  year on “American Arts” records, with a further release on the label in 1965, then putting out records on Harry Balks “Impact” records in 1966, 3 releases for “Inferno” records between 1967 and 1968 before their final release in 1970 on “Karen” records. This disc has some superficial wear, conservatively graded in VG+ condition, worth checking the flip