Woodward Avenue Players – Fire Him Hire Me – Cannonball


When Brad Hales from Peoples Records out of Gratiot, Detroit, invited Alberto over to discuss about this project he had no idea about what he was cooking alongside Phil, the man behind Detroit -A-Go-Go festival and Cleethorpes Weekender. Turns out a posse was coming together to handle a very relevant find of reeltapes containing mainly demos out of a handful of Studio Recordings based in the area of Detroit. After the scouting done by Brad, the physical restoration (baking and transferring to a workable format) done by Phil Cannonball would play the role of completing / arranging and releasing the material that has been rolled up on a spindle for 50 years. The first release on Cannonball Detroit is a most beautiful song from a band based in Woodward, the famous road that cuts the city in two halves from Royal Oak all the way down to Lake Erie. This release presents the completed version on side A and the very original untouched and unmastered demo version that was found on the reel.

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