MD121 – Alfreda Brockington – Give me what you givin’ her, b/w Waitin’ for your touch


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Well here we are quarter of the way through 2023 and MD are proud to bring you our first release of the year we have been busy working away on various things which will pan out through the coming months. But back to this release and what a way to kick of the year with a standout pair of tracks never before available on vinyl.

All the way out of Philly comes Alfreda Brockington, a well known and much loved artist with a catalogue of releases that span from the sweet soul and gospel through thundering northern soul monsters to absolute bombs of sister funk.

Here we have on the A side a stunning piece of funky crossover magic that pounds along. Written by Howard Ravitsky off Lash records fame and Benny Sigler – who needs no introduction.  Flip it over for a sweet and smooth soul sound that just oozes along powered by Alfreda’s yearning anguished vocal beautifully supported by the backing singers and a backing that has more than a nod to the fabulous southern soul greats of the era.

So don’t delay ,turn the volume up and hit play on the sound clips.


Soul Strutter: Alfreda Brockington [2023] – Give Me What You’re Givin’ Her / Waitin’ For Your Touch [MD Records #MD-121]


All the best the MD collective.