Fourth Level – Deep South with Picture Sleeve


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In Detroit in 1969 the city was still rebuilding from the 1967 riots, there was still hope and a drive for the future and the good times that were just around the corner. Young people in America had an excitement for what they perceived was possible for them.  Cue one such person – Larkin Yewell.

Many of you will likely not have heard of Larkin, or Fourth Level, Richard Martin, George Burnette or even Larkins record label U-Larc. But it exists as a moment captured in time, the 45 capturing the full extent of hope and ambition, the excitement and drive to capture the attention of people through music, aiming for the star and coming to Detroit – Motor city and the home of Motown. Larkin also came North to get a job in the Chrysler factory while hustling to make his name in the music business.

But here are the two tracks they recorded and released, so turn the volume up and hit play on both sides.

Deep South

Deep South Instrumental