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Many of you may never have heard of the band, or the track “Its our Time” or even the studio label it was recorded on. This is a tough record for sure.

Well, John has always been a Sax player since he was young, while he served in the USAF from 1963 to 1967, he managed to get together with other musicians and play in combo’s wherever he was stationed.

In his last year serving in the forces, John penned the melody, Sax and keyboard solos of what was to become “In our time”.

When John left the Air Force in 1967, he returned home and went to College, he also picked up with local bands and started playing in nightclubs. At this time, he started to write “Dreams of a Child”. It was a simple composition, but John wanted to have Flutes and Saxes on it.

Talking to the band, they agreed to practice the songs so they could start playing both songs in the sets they played in the clubs. One member, William “Bill” Tripp started writing the lyrics for “Its our Time”.

One night, a guy called Dave Plummer, heard the band play the tracks and suggested that the band should record and press the tracks to vinyl and then start promoting the band. Dave’s studio, Cypress recording studio is still going today and has a rich history of musicians and bands that have graced the studio recording rooms and is responsible for also pitting out the Jax Transit Authority single in 1978.

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