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On the 2nd October 1969 the completed mixes of Tommy Rodgers five songs were completed at Pioneer, the tapes included songs “Summer Love,” “Tell It to The Wind,”, “United Hearts of America,” “Give Me Freedom (Or Give Me Love),” and “Pass the Word.” On the 11th October 1969 AJP Records advertised in Billboard magazine that songs “Sing It to The Wind” and “Pass the Word” would be an up-coming release. Leaving “Summer Love”, “United Hearts of America,” and “Give Me Freedom (Or Give Me Love),” left in the can.

This studio has proved to be one of the best under the radar studios, in our thoughts to be turned up. It produced previously unknown and unheard of Tomangoes tracks by the way we still have one under wraps, it also produced the Sensations. An unknown band that laid down a monster of a northern soul dancer with ‘Blinded by Pride’ , as well as the masters for the Gambrells, Jock Mitchell, Tomangoes, Tommy Rodgers, Jonnie Mae Mathews, James Lately amongst others.

Well, here we are now bringing out on two releases from the great Tommy Rodgers, a name many will know from his own musical prowess and that of his Brewster Crew association amongst others. These releases will each hold a never-before released A side backed with alt recordings of a released track. As usual they are remastered for today’s vinyl production methods by the great JJ at Goldenmastering, to bring the recordings back to life.

First up is ‘Give me my freedom’ backed with ‘Tell it to the wind’. Now we could wax lyrical about the songs, but we want you to make up your mind. Suffice to say that ‘Give me my freedom’ is a full-on dancer with strings and brass and a message that comes from the streets of Detroit. ‘Tell it to the wind’ needs no introduction and is just a fabulous flip for this release.


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