Swans Of New England – I’m Hunting For Your Love Again – Cannonball


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n 1980 a pair of amazing Artists, Manny and Corinne Collier, produced “I’m Hunting For Your Love” on their private label Sounds Northeast Records, based in Connecticut. Written, arranged and produced by Mr. Collier for the voice of his wife Corinne, the first version is a beautiful example of great inspiration turned into vinyl thanks to a mix of profound dedication and great skills in “doing music with what you have”. We all know what has been the destiny of many outstanding soul tunes on private labels from back in the day (and if you look at it in depth, not much has changed in the modern times when it comes to soul artists). A handful of them made it to a national release stage by being re-produced under the wings of major labels, that threw in investments and hired famous producers and arrangers in the attempt to turn those songs into great sellers. On the other hand, the vast majority of those productions fell into oblivion, soon forgotten also due to the massive load of new outputs, bands, records, productions of the era. Fact is that the first version is nowadays literally impossible to find, and here came into play the skills of Yann Vatiste who eventually tracked down the Colliers and handed Cannonball over the contact in the hope we could see a chance to give them the deserved limelight. Several email exchanges and phone calls were put in place with the Colliers who eventually found the original multitracks reel tapes liking the idea to cut a new respectful version in close collaboration with the Cannonball team. The reeltapes were sent to the ovens in London, every stem transferred to soundfiles. The vocals and the brass section from the multitracks were kept and a completely new arrangement was written. The result is here with the title of “I’m Hunting For Your Love AGAIN”.

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